Getting Started ...

Everyone has lots of fun at Merritime Nursery. We get to know each child individually and what they like and don’t like. The days activities are planned to include something for everyone and also encourage your child to try something new and exciting which they might not normally choose.

The Bunny Room

The Bunny room caters for our youngest children aged 3 months to 1 year. A variety of equipment is available for babies whatever their ability. Floor play activities, sensory toys and mobiles are rotated frequently. Craft activities and musical sessions are a very important part of the daily routine.

Coming Soon… Look out for more details about our new Sensory Room which will have bubbles and lots of stimulating sensory toys and activities.

The Badger Room

The Badger Room is a bright, large and lively room in which our children aged 1 – 2 years spend their day. A variety of fun packed activities comprising of construction, soft play, role-play and much, much more are practised daily. There is a messy room adjacent to the Badger Room which we use to create lots of messy fun with Arts and Crafts such as hand and feet painting, sticking, sand and water.

The Woodland Room

Children in the Woodland Room are aged between 2 – 5 years and are grouped according to their age and ability. The Woodland Room is a friendly and well-equipped play area comprising of…

Quiet area for sitting and reading books either on their own, with a friend or an adult (if the adults are invited!). We also have a puppet theatre in this area which the children love to use to tell and make up their own stories. The quiet area is a very cosy and comfy area where the children and sit down, relax and take a well earned rest.

Role Play Area this area is often adapted to whatever theme we have in Nursery at the time. Who knows one week you could be in space, the next you could be treated by one of our very own medics in the hospital. If you are really lucky you could be treated to a dinner and a cup of tea! The Role Play area gives children the chance to express themselves and to experience and re-enact everyday situations which may or may not be familiar to them.

Craft Room – offers a variety of messy play, this often includes painting, sticking, Junk modelling and lots of Gloop! It is best not to send the children in their Sunday Best! We display lots of the children’s Art work within the Nursery so if a picture doesn’t make it home, please don’t be disappointed we have probably put the picture on display for everyone to enjoy – we will send it home at a later date.

The Garden

Our gardens are always full of energy and the sound of children’s laughter – rain, snow or shine all of the children love being outdoors. We are really lucky to have two garden areas which the children can play in. One is predominantly used by the under 2’s and also contains a growing area, where we sow and grow vegetables and herbs. All children of all ages are encouraged to nurture the plants and help them grow.

Our second garden is for our children aged 2 – 5 years so that they can have the freedom to run around and use a variety of age appropriate toys such as slides, seesaws, bikes, cars and a whole lot more. We can also play football and tennis in this area, however the children’s favourite is the parachute play.

I.T & Music

Your child can enjoy use of a computer, we encourage them to use it, alongside an adult and enjoy developing maths and writing skills, social development and hand-eye co-ordination.

Music is either made with instruments or is played during dancing and movement sessions.

Toileting & Sleeping

Potty Training – Is a really big step for every child, and every child is different. We have lots of advice, hints and tips which we will happily share with you and together we can discuss the best options for your child. We will encourage your child to use the toilet or potty frequently however if you have already established routines at home, we are happy to carry them on at Nursery.

The Burrow Room – is our tranquil sleep/nap room. Comfortable cots are provided for the very young and sleep mats for the older children. We provide clean and fresh linen for every child and hygiene and comfort are our main priorities. A baby monitor is located in the room at all times and every 10 minutes a member of staff physically checks the children to ensure that they are happy and sound.


We offer a wide range of meals which we find entice the ‘fussiest’ of eaters. The menu is structured to ensure that your child receives a balanced and healthy diet. We are very happy to cater for your childs allergies or special requirements. Take a look at our ‘Meals’ page for more information and a sample menu.

Extra Fun Things

We often take walks around the fort and visit the local wildlife, including goats, ducks, swans and squirrels.

Your child can enjoy learning about different cultures and festivals such as Chinese New Year and Divali.

We have lots of visitors to the Nursery and Pre-school from dentists to librarians.

We also arrange lots of fun events to support charities such as Children in Need and Sport Relief.

Moving Up

Moving up to pre-school is a big step for your child (and for you!).

Your child will be assigned a key person who will do everything they can to make the transition an exciting and positive one.

We invite the children to do daily visits to Pre-School to allow them to absorb the layout of their new room, routines, activities and their new friends and peers.

Our Pre-School rooms are large, friendly and well equipped. We have an educational room with puzzles, Duplo, quiet area, writing skills and a computer to name but a few things on offer. Then we have a messy/play room where all of our art and craft takes place. We also have role play, tunnels, beanbags and car mats. Your child will also be able to have free access to the garden throughout the day.

As a parent you will of course want to know what your little one has been up to during their time with us. We display a daily activity board in the corridor so you can see all of the activities and experiences your child has had throughout the day.

If you ever have any questions or concerns then a key worker is always on hand at the end of the session to talk to – please don’t ever feel you are bothering us; we are here for you and your child.

If there is anything else that you would like to know then please just ‘Contact Us’ – we would love to hear from you.

Play Time Bunny Room Playing in the Sand Sleep Time Paint Goats